Thursday, March 26, 2009


good night
lil jenn

Sunday, October 26, 2008

wow life gets...


well lets see.. its been about 2 weeks and life has been nuts!
we were supposed to be in seattle today for family pictures but had a sick kiddo from yesterday and didnt want to travel 2 hours in a car and risk getting baby Emma sick shes so tiny :o)

the twins have each lost another tooth so they are both missing 2 on the bottom! tegans top 2 are loose and i bet they are long gone before thanksgiving haha that should make eatting turkey entertaining

got to go out with the girls last weekend and boy did i need that! it was so much fun! hope to do it again sometime. ran into some people i havent seen since i left yakima 2 1/2 years ago! one i hope to keep around for a while ;) more details later

mom has started watching the 2 little boys 1 afternoon a week so i can help in the twins class rooms, run errons or what ever else needs to be done. she loves it! plus it keeps her out of trouble hahaha

we will be moving into a bigger place soon i hope! got turned down for a home loan (thanks stupid fanny and freddie!) but this place is great! its in the country and we can have our pets back so they dont have to live with my mom anymore plus we can get a dog again! YAY!!!
the twins will have to change schools tho. but its still a really good school dist. and they will make friends quick!

lets see what else.... been thinking alot about school lately. looks like i will be going back in Jan. going to start with as many classes as i can online and go from there. need to get my AA in something so i can apply for the nursing program! then life will get busy but it will be worth it in the long run

got our flight info the other day about our Snowball Express trip to Cali in dec. arent i excited to be on another charter flight with 3 stops not counting where we get on.... it will be a long day! but it will be worth it in the long run. my dad might go with us this year to help me with the boys so i am excited about that!

well gotta run. time to figure out what to cook or order for dinner lol

Thursday, October 9, 2008

watching the news

ahhh the end of another day.
its been a pretty productive day.
met with the loan officer and got all the paper work started for a home loan. cross my fingers i will know more on Monday or Tuesday.
made it to the bank woo hoo!
had coffee with a friend :o)
and even got to go to the grocery store with no extra bodies!
bought lil man his first baby foods.. i cant believe how fast he is growing!! hes up to 18 pounds and is wanting to sit up on his own. isnt rolling over yet but i think that's because he weighs so much hahaha
pretty sure he is up to 3 chins :o) but he is so stinkin cute. he loves to talk to his brothers and laugh at them! kaden is the best at getting him to smile and laugh. hes got this goofy voice and face that gets noah every time!!
looking into tomorrow. not much going on. tryin to go out with the girls after my boys go to bed but i am pretty picky about babysitters and wouldnt be able to drive anyone home because there would be no one here with the boys.
Sammy had her wrist surgery on tuesday. shes doing good. on fun meds and is pretty tired and loopy. i got to go over and put her hair in a pony tail for her today. something i havent done for her since she was in grade school.
well i think i am going to climb into bed and pray little man stays asleep

:::insert something smart ass here:::

not much new to share tonight.
boys had a good day at school.
came home had dinner went to caravans and straight to bed
started rehersal for the christmas musical at church.
might even audition for a solo! lol

meeting with the loan office tomorrow. see what they say.
if i cant get a big enough loan for a house i would be happy with
i will just wait and rent for a while.
save some more money and improve my credit score

i suppose we should figure out what we are going to be for halloween
we have tossed around a few ideas.
trying to all stick to a theme but not sure what will come of it

off to bed

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

changes in life

since moving home most people ask if i am working or going to school... and when i say no (usually to strangers...) i get a funny or dirty look of why not... and you can see the wheels spinning with questions... i am sure they want to know where i get money to live on from and if their tax dollars are paying me... well in a way they are but not for the reasons they are probably thinking.

i have found out that there are some people jealous of me getting to live the way i do.. well if i could i would let them know i would give it all up to have kyle back and live in a card board box under a highway some where!!! i know i choose to marry him while he was in the army but you never stop to think of the "what ifs" when your in love.

life has thrown me a lot of curve balls and the best i can do is swing and hope to hit it over the fence(cheesy i know). some people may not like the way i live my life or the decisions i make, well, all i can say is sorry. its my life and these are my kids. we are happy, healthy and safe. thats what matters most in life!

things up coming.... these are the scary unknowns. what to do next? thats what i am working on now... after many failed attempts at lasting relationships, finding someone that makes me and my kids happy has been pushed even farther down the list. when the right person comes along i hope i am ready to trust again. too many lies and broken promises in the past. too many that want me to "take care of them" with my finances or just need a baby sitter.

damn it i made a promise when i started this blog it would be upbeat.. oh well i guess one pissy one can slide lol


Sunday, October 5, 2008

4 things....

Four Places I Go Over and Over:
1. The nail place.. its my one girly thing
2. gas station. with a suburban i spend too much time there
3. myspace/craigslist lol
4. the boys schools

Four People Who E-mail Me Regularly
1. Jen
2. Heather N
3. Doc sends me jokes
4. ya not comin up with anyone else

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now:
1. a hot tub
2. some where fun with my boys
3. the mountains (oh ya no girls at elk camp BS!!!)
4. oklahoma

Four TV Shows I Watch
1. ER
2. Greys
3. spongebob... not cuz i want to lol
4. law and order

Four Things I Have for Breakfast
1. mt dew
2. lucky charms
3. a smoke
4. toast.. yea i know i am such a healthy eater

Four Animals I Like Best
1. Dogs
2. chinchillas
3. Horses
4. Cats

Four Beaches I've Been to
1. south Beach, FL
2. Depoe Bay, OR
3. oceanside, OR
4. seaside, OR

Four People I'm Tagging to Do The Four Things Meme- you guys can just leave your responses as comments :o)
1. heather neptune
2. nea nea
3. samantha
4. hiedi


well i am proud of myself tonight i saw someone out whos teeth i would really like to see on the floor but i bit my toung and i was good.... but damn it my toung hurts!

i am sad at the same time cuz i am missing someone and didnt get to talk to them all day.. maybe tomorrow?

i am buzzed so before i say too much i must say good night